Airsoft is a tactical war game with special weapons that imitate genuine battle situation. It is good to put against eachother 5 + 5 players.
Airsoft guns used in FK Arena have a 1: 1 appearance of real firearms but they shoot plastic balls with the diameter of 6 mm with compressed air. When shooting, the ball has an initial speed of up to 100 m/s. The balls are not particularly dangerous to humans when they hit them, but can still cause surface injuries to the open skin.
During the Airsoft game, the safety requirements must be strictly adhered to. All players and persons involved must wear protective masks, overalls, and gloves for safety. We also recommend wearing a hat.
The player hit by the bullet must stop the game (raise his/her hands as a sign that everyone would stop shooting) and immediately leave the game area.
The minimum age of the player is 14 years and the consent of the parent or guardian is required for the participation of minors. ALL GAMES WILL BE HELD AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The prices of Airsoft packages

150 €
use of the party room for 2 hours
up to 10 participants
- 6 tactical scenarios
- an extra magazine
- 180 bullets
- safety equipment
Call of duty
190 €
use of the party room for 2.5 hours
up to 15 participants
- 6 tactical scenarios
- 180 bullets
- safety equipment
230 €
use of the party room for 3 hours including the sauna for 1 hour + towels
up to 10 participants (extra player 10.-)
- 10 tactical scenarios
- Pizzas + drinks for 10
- an extra magazine
- 300 bullets
- safety equipment

For more information, please call: (+372) 5551 4662 or by e-mail: