Escape Rooms

Escape Room is a complex of rooms in which the player(s) have to solve many different tasks and to reach the point of finding a way out of the room within a given time. Our escape rooms have been designed so that both adventurous children and adults looking for adrenaline would be excited to solve tasks. For children, we offer a lighter version of the task, where you have to escape within 30 minutes. FK Arena in Ristiku 10 has 2 escape rooms.

Sherlock Holmes

Detective Sherlock Holmes’s long-standing opponent and true criminal professor Moriarty has created many traps in the Baker Street 221b apartment. Holmes is gone, you wake up and find yourself in a mysterious apartment. Outsmart the evil professor and escape! You only have 30 minutes to do this.

Prison Express

You have been arrested and imprisoned in a prison cell to clarify the circumstances. The guards went to the lunch break for 30 minutes, but have left quite a lot of things unattended which you can use to get free before they get back. Are you so smart that you can solve the task that initially seems impossible?




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