Laser game

Laser game (laser-tag) is a game using laser weapons with electronic jackets. The equipment is lightweight, up to 2 kg and is suitable for use from the age of 6. We use the most modern laser-tag technology in Estonia, which allows very special and complicated schemes of the games (more complex games are suitable for adults).

Up to 15 players can play at the same time. We can make up to 4 teams of, all in different colors (red, yellow, green, blue). We also organize man to man games.
Battlefield is 800 m2, 400 m2 of which is a maze, the second part is the “outdoor area”, which is on two levels. The entire play area is illuminated with secure UV light and covered with surround sound. Both young and old can find joy in the games.

There is no need for special clothing or footwear to play a laser game, the game does not smear the clothes nor depend on the weather.
Organizing a laser game with a spacious party room is the perfect place for a birthday party. The number of participants is not limited. You can order food and drinks from us, but you can also bring your own.

Look at the different party packages for birthday’s and other parties!
Price 1 game / 1 player
1 x 20 min laser game
Price 1 game / 15 players
1 x 20 min laser game
Booking fee

The booking fee is EUR 75 and we expect the payment to be made within 3 days from making the booking (within 24 hours for same week bookings). You can pay for the total amount of the services ordered at the time of the booking.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or by cash on spot/bank card.
When making a transfer, please indicate the date of the booking and the name of the person who made the booking/company in the explanation.

The booking fee is not refundable. If for some reason the booked date is not suitable, it is possible to change the date once, according to the previous agreement (48h before the event).

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